Logistics & Transportation Software Development Services

We build customized initiative logistics software applications that allow our customers to handle all types of logistics procedures. IFour is a reputed logistics software development company in USA, that delivers custom logistics software development services and helps companies navigate the intricacies of their business. We are logistics software providers who have helped many offshore and outsource logistics clients with our IT consulting services. We have also implemented top-class software logistics and transportation software solutions such as ERP software, logistics management software, cargo related software, etc., and helped businesses achieve their maximum potential. We can help our customers with L2/L3 support of legacy systems and the adoption of new cloud technologies to increase the flexibility of existing solutions. We help with integrating third-party services and platforms via APIs and apply open-source development practices to keep the leading edge in transportation management software development.

logistics and transportation software solutions

We build logistics optimization software that streamlines internal workflows and the management of shipping documentation and consignment details and enables better communication between drivers and freight forwarders. Build a connected business ecosystem where all your systems, applications, and assets can share data in real time and fuel your decision-making. We bring skilled tech talent onto your team to help you scale faster, supercharge your innovation projects, and reduce hiring costs — all that without spending time on daily management.

Seamlessly coordinating with our international clients and ensuring a cultural fit is what makes us a perfect partner. Manage your complex Third-Party Logistics operations and make your brokers happy by developing and integrating a unified logistics platform. We can help you manage carriers, track orders, price loads, and meet compliance regulations. Compromising your financial, operational, and customer data are inherent risks of not taking the necessary security precautions.

Logistics and Transportation Industry

We enable GIS map layer solutions for vector data, points of interest, and map tiles by implementing Google Maps. We develop advanced geographic features that provide detailed and optimized map navigation on live road conditions. Yes, we offer support and maintenance services for bespoke Logistics software. We also have talented developers who can develop transport-related applications through which one can book a ride by selecting the source and destination points.

Yes, we offer native and hybrid mobile app development services to the Transportation and Logistics industry and deliver flawless apps for their business needs. We at iFour Technolab, have built an all-inclusive and robust Logistics and Transportation solution that functions on the web as well as on mobile platforms. The solution is aimed at offering automated, secure and real-time services, an elementary requisite of the transportation and shipping industry. We build custom navigation software to enhance vehicle tracking and location identification, as well as air, land and marine navigation.

As a top-class Logistics software provider, iFour Technolab can help logistics clients with developing their Logistics Information Systems. With this software, one can have end-to-end visibility of goods – loading, storage, packaging, delivery, consumption, inventory, etc. With its experience, our team of innovative programmers, testers and designers has helped many businesses achieve their goals. The apps help club’s members to get legal and technical support in emergency situations. Such systems save your precious time searching for suppliers and tenders based on set parameters. Protect sensitive customer data and all your internal assets with enhanced security options.

This allows businesses to respond quickly to changes in demand and conditions. Managed by certified Project Managers, our UX/UI designers and development transform your vision into a fully operational solution. We look into your business logic, point out system constraints, and identify your project scope to plan for successful development. We update, re-engineer, and migrate your legacy logistics platforms so that you can unlock higher business growth and cut down on expenses.

Since the airport baggage handling systems are one of the important assets for running airport operations smoothly, we make sure to guarantee that our software solutions in this domain are robust, scalable, and extensible. Our cutting-edge airport baggage handling solution is constantly improving airport operations all around the world, making our partners more efficient and accurate while also providing passengers with a more pleasant experience. We also ensure to fulfill such technical objectives according to the airport system requirements so that the system remains always up and runs with the user friendly interface. Transportation Management Systems automate complex transportation processes that increase operational efficiency, help in-vehicle monitoring, and receive real-time updates.

We build advanced parcel audit software solutions that can help companies to track the billing errors and all sorts of inconsistencies in their delivery process, monitor carrier performance and make it cost-effective. We build software solutions for the passenger transport industry to help transportation companies become more accessible and ensure optimum passenger satisfaction through streamlined booking, ticketing, safety measures, etc. Increasing your visibility among consumers by enabling suitable data exchange at multiple levels. We help companies build consumer trust by tracking product life cycles, ownership transfers, transportation routes, and delivery times using Big Data and blockchain technologies. The solutions transmit all the live data in the transportation lifecycle with the help of GPS sensors in the vehicles.

Our Logistics Software

At iFour, security is of paramount importance, and take every required measure to ensure it. We make our software professionals sign an NDA to remain your project idea complete secret. Self-service check-in system to minimize maintenance, and improve overall boarding service. Our first phase is Idea Validation, in which we’ll collaborate with you and define business improvement areas. We’ll run a proof of concept to see whether the proposed model is doable.

DigiPrima puts employees at the forefront of innovation where they innovate and collaborate with each other and with customers to seed, nurture and harvest ideas. This innovation and collaboration culture has given rise to a number of key enablers and tools to bring about a business impact. Our Software Development Team integrates your existing Freight Broker Software to optimize lead generation, competitor analysis, GPS & satellite viewing, and so much more. We can integrate third-party shipping providers, such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS, improve your GPS and Satellite viewing with Google Maps, and improve communication via SMS or voiceover IP with Twilio. Glitty is a photo-editing app helping users to add a glitter to various mate based surfaces and pictures. Our expert app developers at CMARIX brought this cool idea to life with excellent user interface and experience.

Cost reduction

We develop electronic log books, vehicle tracking and route planning apps, driver management and tracking software, dispatch management software, carrier management systems, and other solutions. This software is used for managing different types of transport, cargos, and containers and enables logistics and transportation companies to work effectively. Custom software programs analyze huge data to match picks and drops at flexible pricing. To increase profitability and growth, transportation companies now have to take some crucial strategic decisions. The industry faces problems in gathering and analyzing data for planning, monitoring and managing environmental objectives.

  • We are focused on delivering your logistics software project on time, within budget, and up to your requirements.
  • We develop advanced geographic features that provide detailed and optimized map navigation on live road conditions.
  • Supply chains are all about efficiency and real-time control because time is money.
  • Our Software Development Team integrates your existing Freight Broker Software to optimize lead generation, competitor analysis, GPS & satellite viewing, and so much more.
  • On the other hand, a full ERP system solution helps boost data visibility, which can help managing users find out where their supply chains are underperforming.
  • Get to your destination faster and score higher cost efficiency through automation.

We design exceptional warehouse management systems for efficient tracking and storage of goods across the warehouse. Unlock the potential of groundbreaking transport and logistics software solutions for warehouse automation and optimization with TechVision. Improve the service quality level by notifying customers about every load status and location change in real-time. Custom transport and logistic software development help businesses keep track of the entire production cycle, from raw material tracking to supply chain management to shipping. Our team delivers bespoke transportation solutions that help you orchestrate complex workflows, break away from dated spreadsheets, and weather stormy markets. Intellias will establish a framework for remote communication between your in-house team and your remote transportation management application development team at the start of the project.

If the software is complex and difficult to use, your team will have to spend a lot of time getting used to it, which will nullify its benefits. Therefore, be sure to find a solution that’s easy to use so that all members of your team can learn to use it quickly. With the logistics and supply chain landscape becoming more competitive, organizations in this field need to keep up with the changes and maintain a competitive edge. To achieve that, you need accurate forecasting tools, which come with the best logistics software for small business.

IT Product-Based Companies

Mobile apps play a vital role in optimizing the supply chain and saving costs for the company. Ensure smooth transportation with applications for driver activity monitoring. We deliver apps that can track and record the working time to prevent fines and allow a supervisor to monitor the route. In summer 2021, Gartner outlined top supply chain technologies promising to have a positive and valuable impact on the industry and overall performance while also getting people engaged in it.

logistics and transportation software solutions

We use proven software development frameworks to ensure high T&L software quality. A mature quality management system and customer data safety backed up by ISO 9001 and ISO certifications. Labor planning (by period, type of activity, region, etc.) based on the analysis of historical data on resource requirements for customer order fulfillment. Real-time tracking of operational spend by category (fuel, fleet maintenance, driver payroll, etc.).

Navigation Solution

Intellias engineers implemented native iOS and Android apps for an intelligent vehicle monitoring system and provided a UI/UX design for comprehensive dashboards that empower data visualization and custom rendering. The solution is already implemented and optimizes the work of over 1000 fleet vehicles. Client reference “Everybody from Intellias has done a great job, and their work has received positive feedback from our team, investors, and third-party partners.

Order and Billing Management

Complicated calculations are handled by the software, so your transportation data is error-free and done quickly. Active in eight European countries and has opened up a new range of great business opportunities related to positioning such as tracking trailers, containers, machinery, tools, and bikes. Apply Big Data & Analytics & AI technologies to solve problems, and increase visibility to achieve business efficiency. We have 10 years of experiences in the field of Ligistic & Transportation. Our customers are present all over the world such as Belgium, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. You can use offline mapping, geofencing and GPS tracking to identify the fastest and most efficient route to your destination.


Elinext is certified with ISO and ISO 9001 by LL-C which serves as an insurance for meeting the strict standards by the technology and working processes within the company. Warehouse management includes the deep comprehensive analysis of the goods you store, and hardcore inventory administration requires modern solutions. Elinext will be able to produce all you might need for warehouse automation and optimization. Flexport in San Francisco offers a freight forwarding solution via its eponymous platform, designed to bring visibility, analytics, and collaboration to large shipping operations.

At Develux, we also understand the need for a software solution to “grow” with the client, which is why our software is scalable and we provide ongoing maintenance. If you need features to be added to it in the future, we’ll be happy to do so. A transportation management system falls under the umbrella of supply chain management software.

The industry is perennially advancing with the constant changes in the logistics and transportation industry. To have increased output value it is necessary to have technologies https://globalcloudteam.com/ that come economical and are easily manageable through the minimum training. The industry is continuously in pressure of improving its delivery efficiency.

Our dedicated team of developers comprises the experts you need to capture and use the latest technologies. We help global enterprises like yours get the most value for their expenditures. You get the best end-to-end logistics solution to boost your capabilities and customer satisfaction. Predict and balance peak periods and slack seasonsPredictive analytics help you make decisions based on customer demand during both peak and slack periods.

If you’re looking for custom logistics software development services, such as ERP transportation management systems, apps, and other technologies, BairesDev can work with you to help you create digital solutions. Our custom software development solutions meet the needs of clients and companies of all types, whether you’re looking to streamline shipping, improve operations, or automate reporting. We develop comprehensive logistics management software solutions which ensure fast and efficient delivery of goods to your clients.

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